Ankapur Country Chicken
Ankapur Country Chicken
Ankapur Country Chicken

Ankapur Country Chicken

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  • 1Kg Bird Freshly cut - Approx 650+ grams meat.
  • Serves: 4 People.


India's best Ankapur chicken(Country Chicken) now exclusively available at Ankapur Chicken Hyderabad. Our Country Chicken cooked with Telangana homemade spices & garnished with fresh coriander leaf  in village style. Don't miss the chance of tasting our yummy and healthy food. Good healthy food.


Yummy Chicken Fry to make your tummy more relish and refresh with our taste!

Chicken Dry / Roast:

Tasty , Spicy & Yummy, Ankapur Kodi/ Country Chicken Dry at it's best taste!

We start cooking once we receive and confirm the order and it take us up to 60 minutes to deliver the tasty and fresh food to your place! Depending on traffic it may even reach you at the earliest possible.

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